Current Members


Andrew Wiesman

Initiated: Fall 2013

Major: Chemical Engineering and Chemistry with certificates in Mathematics and Computer Science

Other Involvements: Jim’s Demo Lab

Post-Graduation Plans: Go into industry as a process engineer

Fun Fact: Have a pet tortoise named Joel


Anna Grassy

Initiated: Spring 2015

Major: Pre-med with a major in Psychology and a certificate in Criminal Justice

Other Involvements: Undergraduate research in the Child Emotion Research Lab

Post-Graduation Plans: Travel and eventually become a forensic psychiatrist

Fun fact: Born and raised in Madison


Annie Novak

Initiated: Fall 2014

Major: Biochemistry and Neurobiology with a certificate in Stem Cells

Other Involvements: Badger Volunteers and an undergraduate researcher in the Zhao Lab

Post-Graduation Plans: Go to graduate school to get a PhD in neurobiology

Fun Fact: Studied abroad in England


Annie Yao

Initiated: Fall 2015

Major: Biochemistry

Other Involvements: UW Symphony Orchestra, Community Health Volunteers of Madison, Biocore Outreach Ambassadors, and Hoofers Sailing Club

Post-Graduation Plans: Become a doctor

Fun Fact: Tracked porcupines for a year


Austin Farber

Initiated: Fall 2014

Major: Biochemistry with a Certificate in Global Health

Post-Graduation Plans: Work with the possibility of getting a Masters of Public Health later

Fun Fact: Backpacked through Nepal and Thailand


Brandon Nikolai

Initiated: Fall 2016

Major: Genetics

Other Involvements: Research in Dr. Aaron Hoskins Biochemistry Lab

Post-Graduation Plans: Graduate college, and then who knows
Fun Fact: Transferred from UW-La Crosse


Christiana Kmecheck

Initiated: Fall 2016

Major: Biology and Spanish

Other Involvements: Involved in UW-Madison’s Inter-Varisty Christian Fellowship

Post-Graduation Plans: Attending medical school to become a anesthesiologist
Fun Fact: First name is Greek


Dominic Cheung

Initiated: Spring 2015

Major: Attending pharmacy school

Other Involvements: Research Specialist at the Center for Sleep and Consciousness, and Pre-Pharmacy Club

Post-Graduation Plans: Plans to get a Doctorate of Pharmacy
Fun Fact: Is bilingual – speaks Cantonese and English


Emma Meyer

Initiated: Fall 2015

Major: Pharmacology and Toxicology with a certificate in Global Health

Other Involvements: HOSA and undergraduate research in the Lamming Lab

Post-Graduation Plans: Attend pharmacy school

Fun Fact: I did a splenectomy on a rat over winter break


Ethan Coloma

Initiated: Fall 2015

Major: Materials Science & Engineering

Other Involvements: Engineers Without Borders, intramural volleyball, and intramural soccer

Post-Graduation Plans: Work in industry

Fun Fact: Loves to travel and always has something to talk about


Jason Kim

Initiation: Spring 2016

Major: Biochemistry

Other Involvements: Heavily involved in Rett’s syndrome research, EMT with ACLS capabilities, and Scuba Diving certified

Fun Fact: Primarily plays left-wing in ice hockey even though he shoots “right handed”


Katy Klein 

Initiated: Fall 2015

Major: Animal Science

Other Involvements: Pre-vet club and the Zooloigcal Society

Post-Graduation Plans: Attend veterinary school

Fun Fact: Went to Thailand to play with elephants


Luke Stoutenborough

Initiated: Spring 2015

Major: Chemical Engineering

Other Involvements: Intramural sports

Post-Graduation Plans: Work full time at an awesome company

Fun Fact: #1 ranked Spicy Uno player in the world and a boss Spikeball player


Michael Chemello

Initiated: Fall 2014

Majors: Chemistry and Spanish

Other Involvements: Undergraduate Research in the Smith Lab (UW Dept. of Chemistry) and part of the Chemistry Undergraduate Research Board (CURB)

Post-Graduation Plans: Plans on going to graduate school to pursue either a Masters degree in Forensic Chemistry or a PhD in Analytical Chemistry, with hopes of working in a federal crime lab or to do research

Fun Facts: Loves being sarcastic, SVU marathons, and laughing really loudly


Sage Keyes

Initiated: Fall 2015

Majors: Neurobiology and Psychology

Other Involvements: Research in the Marler Lab

Post-Graduation Plans: Pursuing a medical degree to become a surgeon

Fun Fact: Ate five of the hottest wings at Buffalo Wild Wings for $10



Samuel Haack

Initiated: Spring 2016

Major: Electrical Engineering

Other Involvements: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

Fun Facts: From New York, used to be on UW rowing team, and loves golden retrievers more than any other animal on Earth


Somer Beaudoin

Initiated: Fall 2015

Major: Chemistry with Certificate in Global Health

Other Involvements: AMSA and Badger Catholic

Post-Graduation Plans: Join the Peace Corp then apply for medical school

Fun Fact: Drove all the way to Colorado with her sister to see one of our favorite bands (Umphrey’s McGee) at Red Rocks Amphitheater


Sydney Graham

Initiated: Fall 2014

Major: Genetics

Other Involvements: Assists in research in the Field Corn Breeding Program at the Department of Agronomy

Post-Graduation Plans: Attend graduate school for plant breeding

Fun Fact: Went to India in high school for a summer internship to work with corn


Sydney Seim

Initiated: Fall 2016

Major: Chemical Engineering

Other Involvements: A part of Badgerloop and WISE

Post-Graduation Plans: Attend graduate school

Fun Fact: Loves to play soccer