Executive Committee

Spring 2018

Master Alchemist


Monica Samsin

Initiated: Spring 2016

Major: Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, Environmental Studies Certificate

Post-Graduation Plans: Researching the chemistry of the atmosphere

Fun Fact:


Master of Ceremonies


Brenna Bomkamp

Initiated: Spring 2016

Major: Neurobiology

Other Involvements:

Post-Graduation Plans: Medical School for Rural Family Medicine

Fun Fact:


Vice Master Alchemist


Brett Dzik

Initiated: Fall 2016

Major: Computer Science

Post-Graduation Plans: Engineering Graduate School or Security Certificates

Fun Fact:


Pledge Trainer


Sage Keyes

Initiated: Fall 2015

Major: Neurobiology and Psychology

Post-Graduation Plans: Graduate or Medical School

Fun Fact: Her ear holes are two different sizes!


Chapter Treasurer


Anna Grassy

Initiated: Spring 2015

Major: Psychology, Criminal Justice Certificate

Other Involvements: Research Assistant at the Waisman Center

Post-Graduation Plans: Medical School

Fun Fact: She flew over her bike handlebars when trying to get a leaf out of her spikes with her foot!




Yochana Kancherla

Initiated: Fall 2016

Major: Neurobiology and Psychology

Other Involvements: SEMS, Gomez Lab

Post-Graduation Plans: Medical School

Fun Fact: Grilled cheese sandwiches are her first love!

Alumni Secretary


Dahlia Tesfamichael

Initiated: Fall 2016

Major: Undecided

Other Involvements: University Gospel Choir, SEMS

Post-Graduation Plans: Medical School

Fun Fact:


Fall 2017

Master Alchemist


Brian Ferrer

Initiated: Spring 2014

Major: Biochemistry, Chemistry, PharmTox

Other Involvements: Undergraduate research in the Gellman Lab, Badger Volunteers, Volunteering at the WID

Post-Graduation Plans: Graduate School for a PhD in Chemical Biology

Fun Fact: He has lived on the West Coast, East Coast, and the Midwest!


Master of Ceremonies


Annie Novak

Initiated: Fall 2014

Major: Biochemistry and Neurobiology, Stem Cell Certificate

Other Involvements: Undergraduate research in the Zhao Lab

Post-Graduation Plans: Earn PhD in Neuroscience

Fun Fact: Has hiked the Mighty Five!


Vice Master Alchemist

Monica Samsin

Pledge Trainer


Luke Stotenborough

Initiated: Spring 2015

Major: Chemical Engineering

Other Involvements: American Institute for Chemical Engineers

Post-Graduation Plans: Begin working as Upstream Bioprocess Engineer at AveXis

Fun Fact: He has made sparkling wine!



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