Executive Committee


Owen Walcott

Current Positions: Master Alchemist

Initiated: Spring 2015

Major: Chemistry

Other Involvements: UW-Madison band

Post-Graduation Plans: Working and graduate school for Environmental Chemistry

Fun Fact: Is in the UW-Madison band


Elizabeth Feltman

Current Positions: Vice Master Alchemist, Outreach, and Housing Treasurer

Initiated: Fall 2013

Major: Microbiology

Other Involvements: Been involved with undergraduate research in a Biomolecular Chemistry lab and volunteering in the Saint Mary’s emergency room

Post-Graduation Plans: Take a gap year with the aspiration to become more involved in immunology lab work

Fun Fact: Has never been on an airplane, but it looks like the first time will be going somewhere in Europe after graduation


Alexander Koo

Current Positions: Master of Ceremonies, Professional Year, and Scholarship Chair

Initiated: Fall 2014

Majors: Pharmacology and Toxicology

Other Involvements: President of the Undergraduate Entomology Society and Student Vice President of Phi Kappa Phi

Post-Graduation Plans: Pursue a PhD in Pharmacology or Medicinal Chemistry

Fun Fact: Knows far more about insects than he needs to


Jake Zasada

Current Positions: Pledge Trainer, Professional Year, and Social Chair

Initiated: Spring 2015

Majors: Biochemistry and German

Other Involvements: Youth in Government and working at Rheta’s Dining Hall

Post-Graduation Plans: “Put in work, work, work, work, work, work.”

Fun Fact: Paris Hilton follows him on twitter


Alice Horein

Current Positions: Chapter Treasurer and Faculty Relations Chair

Initiated: Spring 2015

Major: Chemistry with a certificate in Criminal Justice

Other Involvements: Hoofers sailing club, Hoofers outing club, and a McArdle lab technician

Post-Graduation Plans: Graduate school or medical school

Fun Fact: Has traveled to over 10 other countries

Caitlyn Pavelec

Caitlin Pavelec

Current Positions: Reporter, Professional Year, and Professional Semester

Initiated: Fall 2015

Majors: Spanish and Chemistry

Other Involvements: The Smith Group, Academic Mentor through Center for Academic Excellence, and the International Learning Community

Post-Graduation Plans: Hopefully MD and PhD so she can work doing medical research

Fun Fact: Loves running and Grey’s Anatomy


Courtney McCourt

Current Positions: Alumni Secretary, Housing Committee Chair, and Scholarship Chair

Initiated: Fall 2014

Major: Dairy Science with a certificate in Business

Post-Graduation Plans: Graduate school to achieve a Ph.D in nutrition


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